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Product page for PS5 unavailable?

Hi! Apologies for the disturbance!

I've been contemplating buying a PS5 and I have spent a few days/weeks just checking in your store. Funnily enough, the PS5 page is now unavailable, I was wondering if this was the sign that there had been a quick restock that I have missed? I am going to be very cheeky now and ask if it is, on the contrary, due to a restock incoming?

Kind regards,

Rodrigue Delrue


  • Hi Rod,

    I have to admit, it is as you suspected.
    We had a limited restock for Playstation 5 bundles that were avaliable for a while, but people were very quick to respond!
    However, we are always trying to meet demands, and will try our best to be able to restock more Playstation 5.
    It might be worth signing up for the newsletter if you havent already done so, as our marketing department sometimes share these kind of releases when they hit the page.

    Wishing you a good day.
  • Thanks a lot for your reply! I shall keep my eyes wide open on your website and ensure I get your newsletter!

    Rodrigue Delrue
  • And thank you for you question!

    Hope you have a good weekend.
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